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1600 W. Interstate 20
Arlington, TX 76017

Indoor Rhythm Cycling

covid Safe

To be on the safe-side, we remained closed. Now that we took the leap to reopen, we’re taking the phrase “Covid Safe” seriously.  Here’s just a few of 360’s added efforts and what you can do to contribute to our collective health: 



  • Thorough cleaning of equipment and surfaces before & after each session.
  • Air purifiers placed in multiple locations throughout the studio. 
  • Increased spacing between the bikes. 
  • Hand sanitizers & Wipes are located in multiple locations throughout the studio. 
  • Towel & Minted Towel service is discontinued. 
  • Loaner seat cushions are discontinued. 
  • Touch-less Check-in


  • Temperature taken at the studio doors.
  • Nose and mouth coverings must be worn whenever we’re off the bike. 
  • Maintain Social distancing
  • Switching bikes will not be allowed once a client has claimed a bike.
  • Only clients who are participating in the session are allowed inside the studio.  
  • Please only bring essential items into the studio Ex. Keys, water, towel, phone, wallet.