Fitness and fun, all in one…what a great workout!

Sandy D.

I have taken spin classes in the past and they were boring, so I wasn’t motivated to continue. Antoine’s knowledge coupled with his enthusiasm and concern are the ingredients for an experience that keeps you coming back for more. The staff display excellent customer service and care, which is very important wherever I decide to spend my money. Lastly, I leave knowing that I have really burned no less than 1198 calories. I am soaked in sweat from head to toe.

Lynnette B.

Loved it was my 1st time. Music & teacher!

Misi B.

I was in search of something extra…..I found it!

Kevin B.

I recently visited 360 cycle in Duncanville, I had only taken a handful of cycling classes at my local gym before this, let me tell you that I am hooked, it was an awesome workout. The staff was knowledgeable and super friendly and the instructor was encouraging and motivating, I look forward to my next class.

Chris D.