Re-Opening Changes

Re-Opening Plans

Change is a good!  Read about 360CYCLE’S new way of running things. 

Check-In & Covid-19 Requirements

  • Studio Doors open 10 minutes prior to the session start. Clients are asked to arrive early to line up.
  • Temperature screening will be taken at the door.
  • The session coach will be handling temperature and check-in. Clients who are late will not be allowed admittance because the coach will not be available to temperature screen them.
  • Nose and mouth coverings must be worn inside the Duncanville Fieldhouse and the 360CYCLE studio. Any time a client or coach is off the bike a covering must be worn. It may be removed while working out.

New Registration Method

  • Session sign-ups will be made directly through our website at and no longer thru the App or MindBody.
  • After the Grand Re-Opening session on September 22nd, the booking window will open 7 days prior to each session.
  • Session capacity has been reduced to 18 spots to allow for greater spacing between the bikes.
  • Pick-A-Spot reservation is no longer available. You’ll still be able to reserve the session but you won’t be able to pre-select a specific bike.
  • Check-in will begin 10 minutes prior to the start of the session. Clients that have a preference for a specific bike are encouraged to arrive early to get a better place in line to expand their selection options.
  • Reserved check-in ends 3 minutes prior to the start of the session, at which time, will be released to clients in the waiting line.

Website & App

  • The old 360CYCLE app is no longer current and can be deleted from your phone. We have a new app under development and we’ll send out an announcement when it’s ready.
  • Our new website will be active within the next 2 weeks! Until then you’ll still be able to access information on
  • TRIBE: 360CYCLE will be testing a new heart rate & performance tracking software that is exclusive to our studio. Clients are encouraged to participate at no added expense and our software is compatible with all major heart rate monitors already sold on the market. More information will be released soon.

In-Studio Experience

  • The performance screens on the studio’s tv’s will no longer be used. Instead, RPM’s will be tracked on each bike’s console as it is needed for the session’s type.
  • Fans and Air purifiers must remain on during the session to allow for ideal air circulation. Clients who are sensitive to the air flow generated are encouraged to select a bike closer to the rear of the studio
  • Towel service is discontinued. Please bring your towel from home.
  • Minted towel service and loaner seat cushions are discontinued.
  • At the onset of our re-opening, 360CYCLE will be offering a 3-day cycling schedule on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.
  • Sculpt and HIIT sessions are temporarily discontinued.
  • Tina, Greer and JJ have moved on to explore other opportunities and 360CYCLE wishes them well! As we hire new coaches we’ll be expanding our schedule and session offerings.

All previous memberships have been discontinued since we’ve adopted a new affordable pricing structure that beats our competition in the indoor cycling fitness market!

Session and membership purchases can be made starting September 18th.

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